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Bandu River Inn, is more than just a hotel. It is a paradise away from home with luxury services and facilities for over 20 years at South West in Sri Lanka, Approved by Sri Lanka Tourist Board An Iconic hotel at the heart of Kalutara, located overlooking the KalutaraKalu Ganga, gifted with history, it is where comfort blends with affordability for the most discerning traveler and Newlywed.

Hotel also contains banquet areas and it is the perfect haven to liven up the best moments in your life as per your fairytale dream from childhood. Our placement is the best for intimate moments such as hosting Wedding ceremonies, birthday parties and other special occasions. We are specialized in Wedding events come explore our dwellings that lure you into step in and live the loveliest wedding dream you can ever imagine.

Large swimming pool with a peaceful environment, tropical ambience and world class service. Hotel also contains restaurant with pub with mouth-watering food and drinks. This is an amazing place to spend your holiday or honeymoon. We warmly welcome you to Bandu River Inn Hotel and enjoy luxurious facilities for non-luxurious prices.